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How to nurture a love for school in your teenagers
Do you have a teenager that believes SCHOOL stands for: Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives?! Does your teenager believe in their own motto of: Be Cool & Say I Hate School? If the answer to the above is a resounding yes, here are some tips of how you can try to change the status quo: Nurture a love for reading It’s undoubtedly true that strong reading skills are fundamental to academic success in school and being successful later in life.  [...]
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5 Tips on keeping your teenagers motivated for the last push of the year
2020 has been longer than most years, or at least it surely feels that way. As the year is nearly drawing to an end, it becomes more difficult to remain focused and to stay on task – even more so for teenagers! If you’ve heard more than enough refrains of “Whatever!”, possibly coupled with a slamming door, follow these tips to keep your teenager motivated for the last part of the year: Help your teenager to remember This yea [...]
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How to let go and let your child take responsibility for his/her studies
How to let go and let your child take responsibility for his/her studies - Let’s go on a trip down memory lane… Think back to when your child(ren) were born. From then onwards there has been different stages of your child’s developmentwhich required of you to let go in different ways. When you let go bit by bit it is your child’s/teenager’s turn to take a step forward to becomingan independent human being. Their first sleepover, their [...]
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