Who is The Answer Series?

“It is the only study guide you can trust to help you with your matric exam”

Why The Answer Series?

Since 1975, The Answer Series has been empowering high school learners’ exam success with our comprehensive, easy to use study guides.

Written and frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists, each of The Answer Series study guides includes stimulating exercises and easy-to-understand explanatory notes.

Learners can practice and hone their exam technique using sample exam questions and answers, included in our study guides.

The Answer Series study guides are practical and versatile. They can be used independently by learners, or by teachers in the classroom.

They are designed to allow you to feel fully prepared, whether you’ve just entered Grade 8 or you’re writing your matric exams.

Our History – 48 years of Experience

Anne Eadie was a brilliant young Maths teacher at Groote Schuur High School in Cape Town. In 1975, she withdrew from the classroom to have her first child, but her passion for teaching carried on. With help and encouragement from her husband Dave, she set about compiling a Maths study guide that would help learners achieve excellent exam results.


Where it all started

Study Guides in South Africa weren’t common then, and none provided full solutions in a step-by-step, learner-friendly manner. This is how The Answer Series would be different.

With just a pen and paper, and her baby on her lap, Anne poured all of her knowledge into the very first Answer Series study guide. It was an immediate success. Learners now had a new companion to prepare with and guide them through their exams.

Since then, The Answer Series has continued to create up-to-date, comprehensive study guides. It now covers all major subjects from Grade 8 to 12, each authored by a subject expert just like Anne Eadie.

The Answer Series is still a family owned company and each book shows the same love and dedication, but more importantly, logic and reasoning, as the first.


Project Jika

Over the years we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fully equip every learner in eight struggling schools with all the available study guides from TAS.

The results have been astonishing in most cases. Where there haven’t been results, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about the socio-economic pressures that too many of our schools face.

NPO Partnerships

We’ve learned that supporting organisations, with great leadership, generates the best outcomes.

We have a standing commitment to offer drastically discounted books to Non-Profit Organisations all over South Africa, whose purpose is to academically support high-school learners.

Gift a book

For some, gathering the means to buy our books is too much for their family to handle.

We have now enabled the opportunity, when you make a purchase in our online store, for you to considering gifting a book to a needy learner. We provide the gifted book at a 50% discount. If you would like to gift a book to one of our registered learners in need without making a purchase, please contact us on info@theanswerseries.co.za

“I got the Maths series in matric. It really helped me study and I felt really prepared for my exams. I am now in my final year of university and I really wish there was The Answer Series for my courses.”