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CSI Project Jika

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Partner with a school through Project Jika and be part of that change.

Partner with a school through Project Jika and be part of that change.

Jika, meaning “change” or a “turn-around for the good” is an Answer Series initiative, which provides a high school with The Answer Series study guides for all learners across all grades in the subjects that are available. This project can not only rescue an underperforming school but take it up to more competitive levels. It also secures the school’s buy-in to ensure that the study guides have as great an impact as possible. This maximises chances of success and in so doing, has a lasting impact on schools, communities and our country.

Be part of this story

Project Jika offers itself as a very scalable CSI Education investment project with measurable & impactful results. We extend an open invitation for you and your organisation to participate in any part of Project Jika. Your support of this project would enable The Answer Series to expand its coverage and to reach more learners in the country and contribute to its prime goal which is to improve the level of education in South Africa and open doors where they might otherwise have remained closed.

Case Studies

The Answer Series recently partnered with a school in the Eastern Cape and one in Limpopo. Both schools were selected with the help of the Provincial Education Departments from the group of underperforming schools. “Partnering” with these schools, The Answer Series supplied study guides for the core subjects, with top-ups year-on-year for a 3-year period. This resulted in each learner receiving 3 to 5 Answer Series study guides each year. Project Jika was the only intervention at both schools and the results were phenomenal!


For more on Project Jika please click here or contact dave@theanswerseries.co.za