This course covers the following Gr 12 Maths topics: Analytical Geometry, Functions, Polynomials, Calculus and Finance. The focus of these videos is to promote real understanding, reasoning and confidence in mathematical thinking. References to Gr 12 Mathematics 2in1 study guide throughout the series direct learners to essential practice, applications, reinforcements and mastery.

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Gr 12 Mathematics 2in1 CAPS

Gr 12 Mathematics 2in1 CAPS

Grade 12 | Mathematics

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Course Instructors

Anne Eadie Anne Eadie Instructor

Anne Eadie fell in love with Maths at quite a young age, 12 years old to be exact – inspired by Miss Bell, her brilliant Grade 7 teacher! Ever since, it has been her mission to share this passion, ignited by her teacher. As an author of The Answer Series Maths for many decades, she has found it exciting to see so many Answer Series users being inspired on their Maths journeys, finding out that THEY CAN! 

Susan Carletti Susan Carletti Instructor

Susan Carletti is a Maths teacher who has many years of teaching experience. She is passionate about Maths, particularly problem solving.

Gretel Lampe Gretel Lampe Instructor

Gretel Lampe has a passion for teaching and learning. She has several years’ experience as a Mathematics teacher, including smaller group and one-on-one tutoring and is currently an author and strengths coach at The Answer Series.

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Analytical Geometry







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