This course covers the following Gr 12 Maths topics:

  • Paper 1
  • Algebra (for Matrics) (21 Videos)
  • Patterns and Sequences (21 Videos)
  • Functions & Graphs (11 Videos)
  • Finance (15 Videos)
  • Polynomials (1 Video)
  • Calculus (14 Videos)
  • Probability (11 Videos)
  • Paper 2
  • Statistics (8 Videos)
  • Analytical Geometry (14 Videos)
  • Trigonometry (23 Videos)
  • Euclidean Geometry (12 Videos)

The focus of these videos is to promote real understanding, reasoning and confidence in mathematical thinking.

References to Gr 12 Mathematics 2-in-1 study guide and the Gr 12 Mathematics PAST PAPERS TOOLKIT throughout the series direct learners to essential practice, applications, reinforcements and mastery.

Easily build this into your revision schedule in the run-up to finals. Replay them or speed them up depending on your proficiency/comfort.

Course Breakdown

Videos: 151

Total time: 23 Hrs 19 Min 32 Sec


Once Off

R899.00 for 12 months

Course Instructors

Anne Eadie Anne Eadie Instructor

Anne is the founder and visionary behind The Answer Series since 1975. She has been a leading contributor to the evolution of mathematics teaching in Grades 8 to 12 in South Africa. Anne has dedicated her entire working life to teaching and learning. The current need in South Africa finds Anne working as hard now as her first day to support learners and teachers to grow in confidence and succeed academically.

Susan Carletti Susan Carletti Instructor

Susan is currently a Maths content creator at The Answer Series. She taught Mathematics and Advanced Programme Mathematics for 37 years and until recently she was Head of AP Maths at Rondebosch Boys’ High School. Susan is passionate about problem-solving and Maths Olympiads. She has been a matric marker for more than 20 years and her wealth of knowledge and experience is being ploughed back into TAS Maths materials.

Gretel Lampe Gretel Lampe Instructor

Gretel Lampe has a passion for teaching and learning. She has several years’ experience as a Mathematics teacher, including smaller group and one-on-one tutoring and is currently an author and strengths coach at The Answer Series.

Jenny Campbell Jenny Campbell Instructor

Jenny has 30 years of teaching experience. As the dynamic Head of Mathematics at Bishops, her passion for teaching maths inspired learners and colleagues alike. This passion continues as she embraces the challenges associated with teaching Mathematics in a rapidly changing world. We are delighted that Jenny has now joined The Answer Series Maths Team where her creativity and expertise will be an inspiration to all.

What Our Instructor Have To Say About The Course

R899.00 for 12 months


Course Topics


Algebra (for Matrics)

Patterns & Sequences 

Functions & Graphs






Analytical Geometry


Euclidean geometry

R899.00 for 12 months