Grade 12 Maths Toolkit: DBE Past Papers


Anne Eadie, Gretel Lampe, Jenny Campbell & Susan Carletti

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The Answer Series Grade 12 Maths Toolkit is a low-priced product, offering both theory and practice, and is perfect for exam preparation for matrics.

This UP-TO-DATE publication is indeed a TOOLKIT, containing:

DBE Nov Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exams (2016 – 2023) with comprehensive solutions to all papers,
including TOPIC GUIDES that make it possible to select questions on separate topics.
Challenging questions, aligned with DBE Diagnostic Reports, have been clearly indicated throughout this study guide.

Supportive, vital documents & powerful summaries

    • mark distributions and cognitive levels
    • the curriculum
    • all examinable proofs
    • summaries on trigonometry, quadrilaterals, concavity, analytical geometry and circle geometry
    • theorem statements & acceptable reasons
    • calculator instructions
    • DBE formulae / information sheet

How learners can improve their exam techniques:

  • write a few of the papers under exam conditions
  • get comfortable with having to concentrate for the full 3 hour time period
  • learn to work though the paper a few times, answering all the routine questions first, then
    coming back for more challenging questions that take more time, and
  • finally, when all else is done, tackling the questions that need more time and attention

Good exam technique makes a huge difference to anyone’s ability to produce top quality work under pressure and there is no doubt that The Answer Series Grade 12 Maths Toolkit levels the playing fields and ensures that everyone has equal access to success.

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Anne Eadie, Gretel Lampe, Jenny Campbell & Susan Carletti





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