The Grade 9 Natural Sciences Study Guide is here!

12 May 2021

The TAS Team is very excited to introduce our latest study guide: Grade 9 Natural Sciences. This long-awaited CAPS-compliant Handbook and Study Guide helps to develop solid foundational skills in the Sciences and simplify a rather broad curriculum.

What does the study guide entail?

Grade 9 Natural Sciences is designed with a simple and easy-to-follow layout. It is written in the same recognisable TAS-style of our top-selling Physical Sciences and Life Sciences books for Grades 10 to 12. The highly diverse content is placed into context, with particular focus on simplifying key concepts required in the Sciences in higher grades.

Overwhelming terminology is simplified throughout the book with terminology boxes and “teacher-talk” boxes.

The study guide ensures a smooth transition from simple to more complex concepts by unpacking a content-heavy subject, concept-by-concept and topic-by-topic. This ultimately builds confidence and develops scientific thinking in learners.

What makes Grade 9 Natural Sciences unique and different?

Grade 9 Natural Sciences provides thorough curriculum coverage and presents relevant and visual study material in a compact note format.

Vital concepts in scientific investigation are thoroughly discussed, including…
  • essential terminology, like hypothesis, variables, controls, etc.
  • planning and conducting of an investigation
  • validity
  • reliability
  • fair testing, accuracy, and precision

Step-by-step guidelines are provided for representing data…
  • tables
  • types of graphs
  • biological drawings

A comprehensive list of action verbs…
  • used in assessments
  • with their explanations

Clear, accessible notes provide…
  • relevant content 
  • logical layout for teachers and learners
  • enrichment boxes
  • detailed explanations
  • as well as compact, bulleted summaries

Self-explanatory visuals including…
  • drawings
  • flow diagrams
  • visual summaries
  • all-in-one annotated diagrams, with relevant key words
  • photographs and micrographs

A wide range of relevant questions…
  • to test various skills and cognitive levels

Comprehensive answers help to….
  • stimulate application and analysis
  • develop a sound way of thinking
  • develop confidence in exam practice
  • avoid misconceptions taking root

Practical investigations are included to…
  • illustrate concepts and scientific method

Who can benefit from using the Grade 9 Natural Sciences Handbook and Study Guide?

This book is available in English and Afrikaans. Teachers can use it as a core resource and teaching tool, while learners can structure their learning both inside and outside the classroom to to unlock their understanding of the content.

When and where can one find the Grade 9 Natural Sciences Handbook and Study Guide?

You can visit our website ( and shop online. Alternatively, give us a call (021-671-0837) or reach out to us via email (

You are also welcome to visit us at The Answer Series bookshop in Claremont. The TAS Team looks forward to hearing from you and welcomes any feedback on your experience with us!

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