Revision – Don’t let exam stress lead to a mess!

You don’t need to be reminded – exam-time is a stressful thing for both you as a parent and the teenager(s) in your household.

Especially when it’s end-of-year exams, high school learners feel under pressure to perform, they may worry about the future, and some find it hard to focus.

As a parent you worry on their behalf, you want to support them as much as possible, and you may harbour worries about their future as well.

  • 6 guidelines to keep you and your teenager motivated for end-of-year exams & help them to deal with exam stress:
  1. No chores, study time soars – End-of-year exams are challenging enough. Give them a break from chores so that they can use the extra time for studying.
  2. Don your ‘chat hat’ – Choose the time wisely; then encourage your teen to talk about the future. Ensure them of your support. Help them to realise that the future is never as scary as one sometimes perceives it to be.
  3. Don’t cheat, grab a seat – The learner in your home needs a designated space where they can study without distraction.  Help your teen to set up a dedicated study space; ensure that no-one in the household interrupts them whilst they are seated at their desk.
  4. Eat is neat, have a treat, sleep before the leap – Make an effort to cook wholesome meals as it is important for learners to eat healthily while preparing for exams. Keep a stash of healthy energy-inducing snacks such as berries and other fruits, nuts and dark chocolate and cocoa products at the ready. Help your teen to establish a regular sleep schedule. It’s especially important that they don’t cram the night before, which could lead to a lack of focus when writing the exam. Read more on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise during exams here.
  5. Taking a break is no mistake – Taking a break every now and then refreshes your brain and increases your productivity, energy, and ability to focus.
  6. Don’t ‘dent a vent’ – Often the best way to get rid of some stress is to let off steam. Lend an ear to your teenager venting, provided it is not too inappropriate. Don’t offer advice, don’t get involved – listen, thereafter both of you move on to what needs to be done next.

Read more here on how to keep your teenager motivated for the last stretch of 2021.

  • What to keep in mind during end-of-year exam time
  1. If learning starts early enough before the exam, it means there is time for revision. This will ensure that the learners know their work thoroughly and that there will be no need for cramming. Read more here on how to support your teenager with revision.
  2. It is important for parents to keep in mind that teenagers must take responsibility for their own studies. You can – and should – help but you should also know when to let go. Read more here on how to let go and let your child take responsibility for his/her own studies.
  3. TAS study guides are indispensable for high school learners preparing for exams. Read more here on what is available and where to find it.