Revision – How to prepare for end-of-year exams

It’s that time of the year again…

It is most likely that you don’t need – or want – to be reminded that end-of-year exams are around the corner…

Don’t despair – you’ve done it before, and you can do it again.

  • 7 short-and-sweet things to remember when preparing for exams:
  1. Have a positive attitude
  2. Begin early & space out your studying
  3. Have specific goals for every study session
  4. Organise your notes before you start each session
  5. Compile your own notes from the teachers’ notes
  6. Use technology when applicable
  7. Take advantage of resources at your disposal
  • 6 tips to make end-of-year exams less stressful
  1. Concentrate and focus – in class and at home when you are preparing for exams
  2. Keep your notes up to date – make summaries
  3. Ask questions in class – whilst the opportunity is still there
  4. Find a study buddy – so that you can explain the work to each other
  5. Don’t procrastinate, don’t cram – start studying sooner, rather than later
  6. Live healthy in exam-time

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  • 9 pointers to help you survive your studies
  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Organise where and what you study
  4. Draw up a study timetable
  5. Study in chunks
  6. Talk out loud when you study
  7. Study in a group – sometimes
  8. Manage your anxiety
  9. Reward yourself

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Further revision: Draw your notes

Images, maps, graphs and other visual representations make it easier to remember what you are learning.

Step 1: Write & draw your notes step by step – use different text / font styles, large / small letters, bold / italics, highlighting and colour for main ideas

Step 2: Create your own system of shapes & icons for definitions, examples & ideas

Step 3: Use mind maps / flow charts & other visuals

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The last word belongs to TAS…

TAS study guides are indispensable when you are preparing for end-of-year exams in Accounting, Advanced Programme Maths, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Economics, Economic & Management Sciences, English, Geography, History, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Physical Sciences and Afrikaans for Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.  (Please note that not all the subjects are covered in each grade and not all the study guides are available in Afrikaans as well.)

The study guides break the study material into simpler explanations, bite-sized notes, individual tasks, memorable visuals and carefully selected exercises with full detailed answers.

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