Who are TAS study guides good for and how do they complement school?

Who are TAS study guides good for and how do they complement school?

The short answer to the question
‘Who (what types of learners) are TAS guides good for?’ is:

The Answer Series study guides are good for:

  • Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 learners
  • Learners who take the following subjects:
  • Accounting
  • Advanced Programme Maths
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Consumer Studies
  • Economics
  • Economic & Management Sciences
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Maths Literacy
  • Physical Sciences
  • Afrikaans
  • English- and Afrikaans-speaking learners

(Please note that not all the subjects are covered in each grade and not all the study guides are available in Afrikaans as well.)

The short answer to the second question
‘How do the TAS study guides complement school?’ is:

TAS study guides act as both a teacher and a learning companion.

Where there are sections of the work in any of your subjects that you don’t understand, the study guides fulfil the role of a teacher because study material has been broken down into simpler explanations, bite-sized notes, individual tasks, memorable visuals and carefully selected exercises with full detailed answers.

When you are revising or studying for a test or exam TAS study guides act as a learning companion because it provides you with comprehensive yet easy-to-understand notes as well as practice exams and answers.

In many ways using TAS study guides is like having 2 (or more) teachers for 1 subject because all the books have been written by a subject expert; in addition to the expert the books are frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists.

You might be asking: But will TAS study guides work for me?

Herewith the explanation why the answer is ‘Undoubtedly yes!’:

It is believed that most learners have a mix of learning styles
(read more about learning styles here)

  • Visual or spatial learners who prefer to use pictures, images and spatial imagery when learning, will enjoy studying with the aid of graphs, illustrations, tables and other visual representations.
  • Verbal or linguistic learners who prefer words will benefit from the easy-to-understand yet comprehensive explanatory notes that start with the basics and then address each topic in full detail.
  • Logical or mathematical learners who prefer logic reasoning and systems willdelight in the methodical/step-by-step approach TAS uses, the graded questions with solutions and the proven exam advice.
  • Social or interpersonal learners who like to learn with a study buddy will find that their TAS study guide becomes their buddy but also that it works well for a group of study buddies to use their study guides whilst studying together.
  • Solitary or intrapersonal learners who prefer to work alone can self-study to their hearts’ content with their study guides; it will be the only study buddy they need and use.

Thus, whether you are preparing for your Matric exams or getting stuck into Grade 8 – or coming to grips with the level of work in any other grade – The Answer Series will help you to prepare and to get the grade you want.