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The importance of Teacher Development
Teachers who love learning – and continue to do so throughout their careers – are better educators. Education is a never-ending process after all. No-one’s education stops – or should stop – after earning a degree or diploma and starting their career. If you continue to educate yourself you will: Be more career-minded.Constantly improve your skills.Become more proficient and efficient at what you do.Be better organised and yo [...]
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The role parents play in supporting their children (the learners) with revision
Teachers cannot – and shouldn’t be expected to – do it all. There are not enough school hours in a day for a learner to be introduced to new content and to learn it well at the same time. These are not the only reasons why parents should actively support their children – the learners – with revision as well as learning for examinations. Many studies over many years and in many parts of the world have proven that parents play a criti [...]
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Who and what is Generation Z?
Not too long ago a bunch of teenagers classifying as Generation Z (sometimes called Zoomers) started the Jean Wars, a social media campaign to proclaim that ‘Skinny jeans are out!’ The Jean Wars went viral – from the USA to New Zealand, from South Africa to the UK. The campaign was aimed at Millennials who are known to have an inordinate fondness for skinny jeans. Unlike Generation Z, who favours loose jeans, wide-leg jeans, boot-cut jeans and [...]
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