TAS continues to instil confidence in teachers and learners countrywide

The Answer Series (TAS) is an educational publishing company that proudly creates SA’s best-selling study guides. We offer comprehensive and user-friendly material, meticulously structured for accessibility by different-style learners in all major subjects from Grade 8 – 12.

Our 45-year track record continues to instil confidence in teachers and learners countrywide.

Our research and feedback indicate that The Answer Series has proved effective in supporting teachers in overcoming the following significant challenges:

  1. Insufficient time to successfully deliver the full curriculum and allow for consolidation and revision
  2. Inadequate tools to ensure that learners are exposed to different learning styles and cognitive levels
  3. Fundamental gaps in learners’ knowledge and understanding due to school disruptions and remote learning
  4. Educators teaching additional subjects without formal training or experience

Make an informed decision to give you and your learners guaranteed support.

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