A high school with a difference

15 September 2020

A high school with a difference –

– with campuses in Constantia and Newlands in Cape Town and Bryanston and Sandton in Johannesburg,
apart from international campuses in development

(London, United Kingdom and Boston, United States of America)
– is a high school with a difference.
They are global and they offer private online high school education.

The Valenture Institute curriculum is recognised by the world’s leading universities such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College of London, Harvard University, Yale, the University of Chicago and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At Valenture Institute Grade 8 to Grade 13 learners can attend a fully-fledged online-only high school where they are able to study from anywhere in the world or they can choose one of the boutique campuses or micro-campuses.

These campuses are kitted out with incredible and exclusive features as well as  facilities for learners such as on-demand transport, a grocery delivery service for your household, a production space, a gym and a yoga studio, private study pods and catered meals, thus there are plusses for parents too.

Valenture Institute offers an internationally recognised British curriculum and access to cutting-edge online learning technology. The learning environment at Valenture Institute is highly engaging, inclusive and socially rich; this environment is supported by expert teachers as well as mentors.

Subjects offered at Valenture Institute are:

Mathematics, French, English, Science, Business Studies & Sustainable Entrepreneurship,
Social Studies & Environmental Management,
Physics, Geography, Chemistry, History, Biology and Business.

Extra-curricular activities are encouraged but not compulsory. Virtual clubs and activities include: a coding club, book club, making and baking club, service in action club and quiz club. Each semester at least one field trip is organised where learners can meet in person.

At Valenture Institute they believe that their educational approach is unique; this approach includes integration with worldwide sustainability objectives and it encourages the holistic development of every learner towards a purposeful future. The number of learners per class is limited and the premium faculty-to-learner ratio ensures that every learner gets the attention they require and deserve.

In the words of Valenture Institute:

“Education is evolving, and learners are adapting very quickly. Learning online alongside global classmates, interacting with expert teachers and socialising with peers in breakout sessions and virtual clubs have become second-nature for today’s kids.”

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