Give the gift of confidence this festive season

19 November 2020

When you hand a gift over to someone it is about so much more than what has been wrapped.

The tradition of gift-giving dates back thousands of years.

Now, as then, we are social beings that enjoy each other’s company
and we often express our feelings through the giving of gifts.

2020 has seen all of us live through a major turning point in history as far as the worldwide pandemic goes.

This is a year, more so than any other, to invest in the future and to give your children an everlasting gift this festive season.

To thank you for your support this year and to send a strong message of hope and a firm belief in the value of education,
The Answer Series is offering a special deal of …

4 TAS study guides for the price of 3.

That means the cheapest book in your cart will be FREE saving you at least R270 including the free Pargo delivery.

How it works:

  • Go to our Online Shop and add at least 4 Hard Copy Study Guides to your cart
  • Once you are happy with your selection click on the Cart (top right-hand corner) or go to
  • When in your cart you need to:
    1. Select Pargo as your shipping method to get free delivery to a pick-up point near you
    2. Enter the coupon code FESTIVE and apply it your cart to get the cheapest of your 4 selected Study Guides free
  • Complete the checkout process and we will send you your purchase specially wrapped with TAS love and include a surprise gift or two compromising of some extra TAS merchandise.

Please note : 

  • this deal runs from 21 November – 21 December 2020 
  • this deal is limited to 3 orders per customer
  • this deal only applies to Online orders of Physical books, not Ebooks
  • Ts and Cs apply

Yet again, The Answer Series would like to thank you for all your support this year.

Remember, education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.


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