Did you know?! TAS is being used as class textbook for both teachers & learners…

On * www.umalusi.org.za a document titled
‘The effective use of textbooks in the classroom’
states the following:

A textbook can serve different purposes for teachers:
  • a core resource,
  • a source of supplementary material,
  • an inspiration for classroom activities, and
  • a curriculum itself.

It continues by stating the ‘Advantages for teachers’:
  • Textbooks assist managing a lesson.
  • It saves time, gives direction to lessons, guides discussion, facilitates in giving homework, making teaching easier, better organised, more convenient, and
  • most of all, it provides confidence and security.

The ‘Advantages for learners’ are:
  • They see the textbooks as a ‘framework’ or ‘guide’.
  • It helps them to organize their learning both inside and outside the classroom.
  • It enables them to learn better, faster, clearer and easier.

Lastly the characteristics of a good textbook are listed:
  • Curriculum coverage
  • Materials presentation
  • Language

The full range of TAS Grade 8 to Grade 12 study guides in all major subjects in English and Afrikaans is not only a core resource, as stipulated by Umalusi, but they are also a free teaching resource. (Find out more here: https://www.theanswer.co.za/teacher/free-e-books-for-teachers/).

TAS study guides offer supplementary material in the form of test & exam resources, practice exams & answers, visual notes and study hints.

They also offer in inspiration for classroom activities through carefully selected exercises with full detailed answers.

The curriculum of each subject is fully covered – and regularly updated – by subject specialists i.e. teacher-authors with years of experience.

TAS study guides were developed for learners to act as both a teacher/supplement teacher and as a learning companion. The study guides are set out in such a way that it is easy to follow.

TAS study guides were also developed for teachers – it helps teachers to prepare their learners for exams in a learner-friendly way.  It also guarantees step-by-step in-depth exam preparation. Read the ‘Advantages (of a good textbook) for teachers’ in paragraph 3 again – TAS study guides undoubtedly have all these advantages, and more.

As far as the characteristics of a good textbook go, TAS ticks all three boxes.

* UMALUSI Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training