Ever heard of TAS? Yes? No?

Or, do you have one or more TAS study guides in your home but you have always wondered who is TAS exactly?

Stay tuned to read all about TAS!

The Answer Series, also known as TAS, is a family-run company with a focus on education in South Africa.

We are the creators of easy-to-use learner-friendly study guides that are written for high school learners and teachers.

We have a proven track record of over 45 years.

Since 1975 TAS has been empowering high school learners to achieve exam success.

Our authors are subject specialists with classroom experience and a passion for education.

We offer a range of Grade 8 to Grade 12 study guides in all major subjects in English and Afrikaans. Our books are available as hard-copy in book format as well as e-books, available for download through Snapplify and ITSI.

  • We also have free e-books for all teachers in all major subjects, available on Snapplify – click here!
  • We are very proud of our new Grade 12 videos, freely available on our website – click here!

TAS has created this series of free videos to accompany our study guides. These videos focus on Grade 12 content in Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Physical Sciences, Fisiese Wetenskappe, Life Sciences and Economics.

What makes our study guides the top sellers in South Africa?

  • They are up-to-date and fully CAPS-compliant; our books follow trends highlighted in national exams and changes in curriculum and they are regularly revised. They are designed as stand-alone study guides for self-regulated learning.
  • Independent or self-regulated learning involves taking charge of the learning experience. In this process learners acquire knowledge and gain confidence through their own effort.
  • The learning material is meticulously structured for accessibility by different style learners with a distinctly different approach for each subject. Our study guides are comprehensive in content.
  • The essence of TAS lies in the content. It is also accurate and relevant. Learners love the inclusion of relevant material from earlier grades. We realise that these supporting threads provide context so we pull them through from earlier grades where required.
  • The language and layout style is accessible, simple, clear and appealing.

WHY include the ANSWERS in our books?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and it is one of the secrets to our success and the reason for our name.

1 – It instils confidence

Learners may be able to answer a question but still lack confidence, particularly with respect to layout. To be able to write down thoughts clearly and logically is an art to be acquired and continually confirmed.

2 – To teach a way of thinking

Our purpose is to teach more than just the facts. Rather, we want to instil sound concept development, reasoning and strategising skills, all in all a way of thinking. Consulting detailed answers can immediately confirm or rectify a line of thinking, and deepen understanding. Misconceptions are less likely to persist.

3 – To offer independent learning

No matter the time of day or night, a learner can be guided and progress without delay. No need to wait for homework discussion in class or individual tuition or teacher intervention.

You can find us on our website or email www.theanswer.co.za / info@theanswerseries.co.za

For those who prefer Facebook we also have posts on a regular basis

or call us at 021 671 0837

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any feedback on your experience with TAS.