As announced by the South African government the retail of stationery and educational books are permitted under Level 4 Lockdown.

This means that all TAS study guides will be back in store; under Level 4 restrictions these may be distributed.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) aim to clear up any possible confusion about how to go about to ensure you get hold of the educational books you need at the moment (under Level 4).

FAQ: Who/what/where/how to buy educational books now available

  1. What does Level 4 say about educational books?
    In the Schedule of Services – Framework for Sectors released on 25 April 2020 under Level 4 Permitted Retail and Service Operations; and Personal Movement point E.17 states that stationery and educational books may be sold under Level 4 Lockdown.
  2. Where can you buy educational books?
    All stockists of educational books can open under Level 4.
  3. Which stores have TAS study guides (& other educational books)?
    A list of all the TAS stockists as well as all their details are on our website:
    CNA, PNA and Bargain Books have TAS study guides as well as stationery and other educational matter and will be open. Independent book stores will in most likelihood also be open.
  4. Where can you order TAS study guides on-line?
    TAS study guides can be ordered online through and these orders can be delivered (see costs on order form). TAS study guides can also be ordered from and
  5. What are trading times?
    Different stores have their own specified or preferred trading hours within Level 4 Lockdown rules. It is advisable to contact a store directly prior to your visit to ensure that they will be open.
  6. What are the do’s and don’ts of going shopping?
    Keep a social/physical distance of 2 metres.
    Wear a cloth mask at all times.
    Practice protective hygiene including washing your hands and using sanitisers.
    Only one member per household is permitted to shop at a time.
    It is also advisable not to repeatedly pick up and put down products and to use no-touch payment methods.
  7. Why is it more important than ever to get your hands on a study guide?
    We live in a time of great unknowns. Everything around us, including education measures under lockdown, keeps changing. The planned phased approach to reopening schools adds additional uncertainty.
    It is essential that learners limit the impact of the lockdown to schools on themselves as much as possible.
    TAS advises learners to get what they need as soon as possible. Start working immediately. Keep in mind that many others are already doing this; you don’t want to fall behind before schools have even reopened.
    Using a study guide to revise as well as work ahead will also ensure that the transition of going back to school happens more smoothly and with less stress for you.
  8. Which study guides are available from TAS?
    Grade 8 – Mathematics
    Grade 9 – Economic and Management Sciences & Mathematics
    Grade 10 – Accounting, Advanced Programme Maths, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Economics, English, History, Life Sciences,
    Mathematics, Maths Literacy & Physical Science
    Grade 11 – Accounting, Advanced Programme Maths, Business Studies, English, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Maths Literacy & Physical Sciences
    Grade 12 – Accounting, Advanced Programme Maths, Afrikaans EAT , Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Economics,
    English, Geography, History, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Maths Literacy & Physical Sciences