Tips for teachers who are preparing Matric learners for final exams

Tips for teachers who are preparing Matric learners for final exams

The Matrics from the Class of 2020 – and their teachers – have to prepare for their final school exams like no other year group has had to do in the past.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are preparing the current Matrics for their final exams:

1. Remain positive and encouraging in the classroom. The 2020 Matric exams involve breaking new ground for everyone – teachers as well as learners – but often breaking new ground leads to loads of new energy.

2. Break up learning sections or individual chapters of your subject into manageable parts. Do not try to teach too much at one time although you might be tempted to do so considering the teaching time that was lost whilst schools were still closed. Teaching too much at one time will be counterproductive as learners will become tired and/or anxious or they will lose focus. This would necessitate re-teaching the following day which would lead to more time lost.

3. Continuously remind yourself of the following: Repetition is the first principle of all learning. Repeat key concepts, important facts and definitions and terminology often. Repetition is invaluable for memory retention and true understanding.

4. Focus on the key concepts of each learning section/individual chapter. Teach key concepts by using the following four steps:

* Provide the definition of the key concept
* Explain the key concept
* Clarify – and give examples of – the key concept
* Go through the definition of the key concept once more.

5. Use colours, pictures and diagrams in your notes and explanations wherever applicable. The usage of colours, pictures and diagrams enhance memory retention.

6. Spend more time and energy on the learning sections where you find your learners seem to be less confident or where they seem to struggle to take in what is being covered in class.

7. Make use of old matric exam papers as much as possible. If you don’t have enough time to cover this in the classroom, make as many as possible available to your learners. Old Matric exam papers are invaluable as far as identifying key problem areas are concerned. Don’t neglect to remind learners that they have to strive towards finishing each paper (once they have mastered the work) within the same amount of time they have when sitting for the actual paper.

8. Encourage learners to use study guides, and extra material provided by reputable newspapers and magazines.

9. Encourage learners to have study buddies. Studying with a study buddy or study group makes revision easier and less time-consuming. Often a fellow learner will understand a concept that someone else doesn’t; this means they could explain it to each other.

10. Discourage cramming – remind learners that passing Matric is a culmination of years of hard work.