Nkululo Gugu was voluntarily tutoring Maths and Science in township schools when he decided to found the Ikasi Tutor Movement. He wanted to share his passion for maths and science, and their empowering qualities for young learners. Regrettably, Nkulu felt that not all school environments were conducive to learners reaching their full potential.

In January 2018, he and a colleague formally established the Ikasi Tutor Movement. Currently operating in Philippi Village, Cape Town, they are a tuition organisation that provides low-cost lessons to both young learners and adults who wish to resit their exams.

“We saw that a lot of township learners disliked Maths and Science, yet they wanted to be doctors or engineers. So we thought in order for them to reach their full potential and to reach their goals, we should create and deliver a simple and fun way of understanding Maths and Science , and most importantly create a friendly and conducive environment while providing them with the feeling of Ubuntu.”

The Answer Series: A simple, fun way of understanding Maths and Science

“When we started the organization we had a lot of study guides but we had to go through all of them to find which one would be easy and also make our learners enjoy the subjects.” Nkululu explains.

“We found that our learners enjoyed The Answer Series Study guides, and our tutors did too. It made it easy to teach our learners .”

“The Answer Series is very clear and simple to use, but for our students study guides are a little bit expensive. We were delighted when they agreed to work with us and give us discounted prices.”

“For that we are very grateful.”

Removing fear, Restoring hope

Nkululo gives us an insight into the mindset of many learners in South Africa’s townships. “ When students approach us it is because they have a fear, or they’ve lost hope of passing those subjects for whatever reason at school.”

“But after our students practice with us and The Answer Series, they start feeling relaxed because the questions are easy at the beginning to build that confidence and bring back hope.”

“We also have students who are rewriting exams and most of them are adults who are working, others are stay at home parents who left school years ago. Therefore they need study guides that are clear and simple. They are very happy with the quality of The Answer Series.”

Successful Track Records

While the Ikasi Tutor Movements is only officially a year and a half old, they are making a big impact already. Nkululo and his team’s passion for improving the standard of education all over South Africa is in perfect keeping with The Answer Series’ own mission.

Through his hard work and dedication, learners are being given another chance to succeed beyond what they had thought was possible. Any amount of help we can provide with our study guides gives us great satisfaction and pride. We’ve been constantly improving our study guides since 1975 , and the testimonials speak for themselves.

Our friend Nkululo signs off from our chat before going to class with a brief word of thanks, “The Answer Series has helped most of our students to pass grade 12 and go to varsity or get better employment. We wish you can keep up this great work.”