10 ways TAS can make your life as a teacher easier

22 January 2021

On 17 December 2020 SABC News reported that Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga said the year 2020 will be recorded in history as the most difficult year for the world. This is due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus and the effect it had on the education system. During the media briefing on Thursday morning in Pretoria, Motshekga also said the matric group of 2020 lost 47 schooling days.

As a high school teacher, 2020 would undoubtedly have been a difficult year for you too, in and out of the classroom.

Here are 10 ways The Answer Series,
who emerged as 2020’s game-changer for independent learning,
can make your life as a teacher easier in 2021:

1. TAS offers a range of Grade 8 to Grade 12 study guides in all major subjects in English and Afrikaans that are available as hard-copy in book format and as e-books.

2. As explained on www.theanswer.co.za each of the TAS study guides are learner-friendly and easy to follow. The TAS authors are subject specialists with classroom experience and a passion for education.

3. All TAS study guides have comprehensive study notes. This means that teachers do not have to compile their own notes for their learners.

4. Apart from comprehensive study notes TAS guides include bite-sized notes and hints. This means that teachers do not have to spend time summarising and condensing class and/or text book notes.

5. Memorable visuals are used to make the process of retaining information easier for learners. As a teacher you do not have to read up, google, or struggle to find innovative ways to facilitate the learning process or to encourage your learners to enjoy the process of learning. All of this has been done for you.

6. TAS study guides contain carefully selected exercises with full detailed answers. These exercises – with graded questions – can be used in class as a method to determine whether learners have grasped the section(s) that has/have just been taught. It can also be used as informal class tests or it can be given as homework (which means teachers do not have set every homework assignment from scratch).

7. Apart from carefully selected exercises with full detailed answers, TAS takes it one step further by also providing practice exams with answers/memos. These practice exams with full solutions guarantee step-by-step, in-depth exam preparation. The practice exams can be completed in class or at home. Discussion – and further explanation of concepts covered in the exam papers – should ideally take place in the classroom.

8. The practice exams with answers together with the memorable visuals and bite-sized notes offer proven exam advice.

9. A reminder: TAS study guides are fully CAPS-compliant, regularly revised and they follow trends highlighted in national exams and changes in curriculum.

10. For Grade 12 teachers there are Grade 12 videos freely available at www.theanswer.co.za/courses/. Each lesson works hand in hand with TAS study guides.

In case you didn’t know (where were you if you missed this in 2020?!)…

The Answer Series has free e-books for teachers!

Go to www.theanswer.co.za/teacher/free-e-books-for-teachers/
to find out how to access your free e-books.

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