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Gr 8 Maths Companion Workbooks 1 & 2 (SET)



The Grade 8 Maths Companion Workbooks are comprehensive and creative in their coverage of the CAPS curriculum. They are a valuable tool for both the learner and the teacher. These workbooks help to ensure that all learners are brought up to a common standard, filling all gaps that may have opened in their mathematical content. Key features:

  • Arithmetical concepts move seamlessly into algebraic development
  • Suitable as a class workbook and for self-study
  • A full set of solutions complete the Companion set, making corrections simple and quick
  • Worked examples, notes and exercises guide learners to a thorough understanding
  • End-of-unit test assess progress consistently

ISBN :  978-1-928404-12-5

Grade 8 Maths Companion Workbook Set 1 & 2

Andrew Lewis, Marilyn Buchanan, et al.

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