Learning is fun with TAS, say learners

22 September 2020

Learning is fun with TAS, say learners –

While declaring that
Fun is just another word for learning’ as seen on Pinterest, might be going too far,
it is not debatable that
When you have fun, then you’re more interested in learning’.

At TAS we try to structure our study guides in such a way that the following is at play:
What you learn with pleasure, you never forget.

It gives us great pleasure when feedback from learners indicates that their learning
has been fun with
The Answer Series books!

Read on to hear what fellow learners have had to say about learning in general and TAS study guides in particular.

Learner Semetse Kopano wrote to TAS to say:

“What makes learning fun for me is the challenges one overcomes while learning and being able to prove many wrong who didn’t believe in you. Also to have all the learning equipment you need.”

Learner Nozizwe Sibanda agreed:

“What makes learning fun for me is being able to gain more knowledge about certain stuff and having a better understanding about the subjects you are doing.”

Learner Felistas Hamba waxed lyrically about how learning was interesting and fun! Most of all she enjoyed developing herself.

Felistas said she remembered since starting high school going back and forth between which study guide to use. Ever since her teachers recommended The Answer Series to her, it has been nothing but the best thing that has ever happened. She finds TAS study guides easy to use.

“They have notes, study questions and answers in them. It’s literally a 3 in 1 package. The study guides have helped me to understand much better because they have in-depth information as opposed to the text books we use at school. They provide me with essential exam techniques and practise and they also help me to work more independently and provide me with valuable tips on how to prepare for an exam. So that for me is fun!” Felistas exclaims.

Felistas offered some study tips too:

“I do a lot of mind mapping, note taking, brain storming and I follow a specific routine and a timetable to plan ahead. I highlight important information and I colour out what I have to grasp. In addition I make lyrics from the notes I’m studying; then I read out the notes as I sing. It means I’m killing two birds with one stone –
I educate myself whilst having fun and not getting bored.

Learners Peace Net and Siyabonga Dlamini informed us that if it wasn’t for TAS study guides they would not have achieved the distinctions they did and learner Botshelo F. Mailula said that,

“Ever since I’ve started using one of these study guides my marks have improved.”

Parents Elizna Grobler and Ronel Badenhorst wrote to tell us that they thought TAS study guides were “excellent”.

Elizna had two teenagers who used TAS and both of them passed Grade 12 with
above 80% in Maths, Science and Biology,
says this proud mom, adding,
“It was thanks to the extra mile they could walk with your books.”

We’ll conclude with the words of learner Nethavhani Mashudu,

“You never go wrong with ‘em books. Get ‘em!”,

learner Phiman Nkwana,

“I love this company.” ;

and learner UCalm UMalume KaMercy Xaba,

“I recommend these study guides. Don’t hesitate. Just purchase it. You’ll thank me later.”

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