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The Answer Series Grade 12 MATHEMATICS 2in1 CAPS Study Guide


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The Answer Series Grade 12 MATHEMATICS 2in1 CAPS Study Guide
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Gr 12 Mathematics 2in1 CAPS Hidden
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The Answer Series Grade 12 Maths 2in1 study guide is a best seller. It presents a unique method of mastering the entire Matric maths course by guiding you up a step-by-step ladder of attainable questions and answers, allowing for constant feedback and growth. This study guide has TWO distinct sections:

  • TOPIC-BASED graded questions and solutions – to develop a step-by-step, thorough understanding of theory, techniques and concepts in every topic
  • 14 EXAM PAPERS with detailed solutions, compiled from past National and IEB exams
PLUS, a NEW EXTENSION section, consisting of challenging questions and memos for Paper 1 and Paper 2. These are higher order questions, identified in reports over recent years, which require and promote deep mathematical thinking. Key features:
  • Critical prior learning (Gr 10 & 11) included
  • Detailed solutions provided for ALL questions
  • Step-by-step, methodical conceptual development and guidance on reasoning and strategy
  • Useful study notes and advice boxes
  • Annexures, vital context pieces for Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc.
  • Extensive coverage of all cognitive levels
  • Applicable for both CAPS and IEB candidates
This best seller provides excellent preparation for CAPS and IEB matriculants throughout the year and has seen many learners increasing their critical thinking skills and succeeding beyond their expectations in this key subject.

ISBN :  9781920686949

Grade 12 Maths 2in1 CAPS Study Guide

By Anne Eadie and Gretel Lampe

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