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The Answer Series Grade 12 HISTORY 3in1 CAPS Study Guide


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The Answer Series Grade 12 HISTORY 3in1 CAPS Study Guide
Book Type: E-Book
Gr 12 History 3in1 CAPS
Book Type: Hard-copy

" This Grade 12 History 3in1 study guide uses the Cold War and its aftermath as the thread to link all 6 matric topics. It provides a comprehensive view of course subject matter, using differing perspectives to portray a balanced view of events. Key features:

  • Comprehensive notes with revealing quotations and useful definitions
  • Informative illustrations and visual summaries
  • Source-based questions and answers
  • Essay questions with notes and sample essays
  • Exam guidance and study tips for exams
  • Sample exam papers with answers

ISBN :  9781928354765

Grade 12 History 3in1 CAPS Study Guide

By Geoff Olivier & Jeanne Maclay-Mayers

*The images in this study guide are available as part of our PowerPoint presentations, which can be downloaded for free. Teachers who order books for their class can request these PowerPoint presentations to be sent to them on a CD.

*Note to IEB learners: While all the practice questions in the History Study Guide come from DBE (National) exams, the comprehensive notes will still benefit learners who are preparing for the IEB exam.

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