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Gr 12 Economics 3in1 CAPS

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Gr 12 Economics 3in1 CAPS
Book Type: Hard-copy
The Answer Series Grade 12 ECONOMICS 3in1 CAPS Study Guide
Book Type: E-Book

This Grade 12 Economics 3in1 study guide uses clear explanations and illustrations to deepen your understanding of this challenging subject’s core concepts. The carefully graded questions encourage you to improve steadily in your subject insight, exam skills, and thus your exam grade. Key Features:

  • Step-by-step, methodical approach
  • Comprehensive notes and worked examples per term
  • Topic-based and term-based questions
  • Answers to all questions
  • Exam paper and memo

ISBN :  978-1-920568-82-5

Grade 12 Economics 3in1 CAPS Study Guide

By Michael Engelbrecht & Talita Lewis

8 reviews for Gr 12 Economics 3in1 CAPS

  1. Anam

    Answer series is the best

  2. Simone

    Thanks to answer series for making my matric year much better

  3. nsovo

    This is the best book ever and also opens everybody’s mind who reads it, when you need a book to help you through out the year just try it, it is very interesting.

  4. Iungi

    I will only use this study guiId onIy today

  5. Anathi nkumanda

    I like this book

  6. pabalelo

    I really need this book because is the best book i ever knew so please help me find it


    Thanks to answer series

  8. Zee

    This book it just AMAZING. I Love it!!!!!

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