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Gr 11 English HL 3in1 CAPS


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Gr 11 English HL 3in1 CAPS
Book Type: Hard-copy
The Answer Series Grade 11 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE 3in1 CAPS Study Guide
Book Type: E-Book

This Grade 11 English Home Language 3in1 study guide offers a full walkthrough for learners writing both the DBE (National) exams and the IEB exams, and offers an original DBE-style Paper 1 and an original IEB-style Paper I. The book is organised into bite sized, manageable chunks, focusing on one thing at a time so that you can confidently explore and begin to master the four main skills - Listening & Speaking; Reading & Viewing; Writing & Presenting; Language Structures & Conventions. Key Features:

  • Comprehensive, memorable notes on each of the 4 skills
  • Carefully selected exercises with full answers on each of the skills
  • Sample paper 1’s and memos (DBE and IEB)

ISBN :  978-1-928404-44-6

Grade 11 English Home Language 3in1 CAPS Study Guide
By Sue Jordaan, Gail Wallace & Lindi Clarke

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