TAS launches free videos for Grade 12 learners – parent24

03 June 2020

SOURCE: Parent24: 29 May 2020

Despite disruptions and reduced teaching time due to COVID-19, the grade 12 curriculum remains the same.

So, what does this mean for schools and learners?

“Schools need to adapt to a dual delivery of in person and digital teaching, and learners need to take charge of their own learning process. Our goal is to help them do just that, with the launch of The Answer Series (TAS) free videos,” says George Eadie, CEO of the family-owned TAS group.

“We have focused on term two content for matric students as so much is at stake for them – not just their final year of school; but also consequent opportunities for further studies or jobs next year,” he told Parent24. 

The video courses are created by subject specialists – teachers and authors with years of experience – some of whom wrote TAS study guides.

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