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Introducing Grade 12 videos & how to use them!
Introducing Grade 12 videos & How to use themThe Answer Series is proud to announce that we are in the process of creating a series of FREE video courses to accompany our study guides! Click here for a quick intro video WHY did we embark on this process?We decided to launch this new product in response to the disruption of the academic year due to the pandemic. We decided to focus our response towards Matrics who are most vulnerable to the effects [...]
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TEACHERS – Where to get help – and resources – for online teaching
Where to get help – and resources – for online teachingAt this stage you don’t need to be told that changing from a classroom teacher to an online teacher is a huge adjustment.It is very likely that most teachers will be in agreement that they enjoy classroom teaching far more than online teaching.Take into consideration though that having built up experience as an online teacher means you have effectively advanced your career and added to your skil [...]
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How do I encourage/motivate my learners?Keeping learners who are used to sitting in a classroom, engaged and motivated as they embark on online classes, and possibly independent learning, for the first time is a big challenge.Yet, without face-to-face contact there is still a lot you can do to encourage and motivate your learners. YOU can make the difference!Monotony leads to disinterest and disinterest leads to a lack in motivation.Get creative in you [...]
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