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The power of self-efficacy
🔶 The power of self-efficacy - Katy Mellow, a Mathematics teacher at St. Stithians Boys’ College in South Africa, won the 2020 IBSC (International Boys School Coalition) Action Research Award for completing a highly innovative action research project. The title of her project is Taking Charge: Developing Self-Efficacy in Grade 8 Boys Through a Self-Determined and Project-Based Learning Program.As explained on the IBSC website this action research p [...]
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Tools for teachers to ensure that learners are coping
🛠Tools for teachers to ensure that learners are coping - Facing a class with teenagers with different backgrounds, personalities, problems and stress levels is never easy at the best of times. Determining whether they are coping overall is not an easy task either.The following tools and tips are pointers to make it somewhat easier for you as a teacher to endeavour to ensure your learners are coping. 🔴 Show compassion and understanding Most teac [...]
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To flip – or not to flip – your classroom
To flip – or not to flip – your classroom - The flipped classroom approach has been used for years in many academic institutions all over the world, especially at tertiary education level. It has also been used, with varying degrees of success, in high schools in different parts of the world.The flipped classroom approach is an educational strategy that involves blended learning. It focuses on learner involvement and active or independent learning.In [...]
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