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Introducing Grade 12 videos & how to use them!
Introducing Grade 12 videos & How to use themThe Answer Series is proud to announce that we are in the process of creating a series of FREE video courses to accompany our study guides! Click here for a quick intro video WHY did we embark on this process?We decided to launch this new product in response to the disruption of the academic year due to the pandemic. We decided to focus our response towards Matrics who are most vulnerable to the effects [...]
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PARENTS – How to be the perfect support to teenagers for them to thrive
How to be the perfect support to teenagers for them to thriveLet me rephrase that: How to be the perfect support to your teenager for both of you to thrive. The emphasis should be on thrive, rather than merely survive.Yes, on some days it will feel as if your teenager(s) are testing and trying you. But keep in mind, as Wikipedia explains so succinctly, teenage rebellion is a part of human development in young adults in order for them to develop an identit [...]
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How to make lockdown more fun!Although the saying ‘If you are bored, you are boring’ does not apply during lockdown, it might just have a ring of truth about it. Life under lockdown does not have to be boring.You can either focus on those things you – and the rest of the family – never get the chance to do in a ‘normal’ day/week or you can make it fun for everyone by implementing some of the ideas below. Change your morning routineIf the ho [...]
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