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BELIEVE in yourself 💛
💛 Believe in yourself - What does self-belief mean? Self-belief means to trust in your own positive characteristics. If you believe in yourself, you deem yourself worthy. Also, if you believe in yourself, it is easier to have self-confidence and to exude self-confidence. Self-confidence is an attractive trait to have, as long as you are not overly confident and full of yourself.If you are confident and if you believe in yourself, it is easier for oth [...]
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How to draw your notes
How to draw your notes - Upon seeing the title of this blog article you might be one of those who will react by wondering why (❓) you should draw (❗❓) your notes. The answer to this question is the following: Images, maps, graphs and other visual representations make it easier to remember what you are learning.This is not only true for visual learners but for other learning styles as well. Also, technological developments have changed teaching, le [...]
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Tips to make final exams less stressful
Tips to make final exams less stressful - Exams. Are. Stressful. You know this. All your fellow learners know this.Some people are more prone to stress than others. Some fall into the following category: I stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about. Then I stress about stressing over stress that doesn’t need to be stressed about. It’s stressful!Others see life’s stresses differently: Stressed spelled backwards is desserts, the [...]
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