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Empowering Young South African Women: The Answer Series & The Roedean Academy
For the last ten years, The acclaimed all-girls in Johannesburg has striven to provide learners from under-resourced schools with additional tuition through the “The Roedean Academy” initiative.   On weekday afternoons, as many as 100 young scholars from grade 8 to 12 at the neighbouring Barnato Park High School, also an all-girls school, are invited to the Roedean School, where teachers volunteer their time to provide extra tuition in Maths [...]
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Study Guides for SAILI Scholarship Learners
For more than twenty years, SAILI, the South African Innovative Learning Intervention, has been giving high school scholarships to high potential, academically motivated learners from low-income backgrounds.   Apartheid caused an imbalance in the education system which hasn’t yet been fully overturned, and as a result, the field of industry still feels the effects. To help redress this issue, SAILI offers scholarships in Maths & Science in  [...]
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