10 Top Tips for Teachers during Lockdown

04 April 2020

The current lockdown situation has never happened before. We want to make sure that you (our teachers) are getting the help you need. So, we’ve put together a few tips to try and help you to stay on top of things and to help your learners during this time.

  1. Don’t fear the unknown

The old saying goes, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear; the oldest and strongest kind of fear, is fear of the unknown”.  This most likely applies to many, if not most, teachers who find themselves teaching on-line for the first time.

  1. Believe in yourself

Teachers are:

  • resourceful
  • creative
  • dedicated
  • hard-working.

If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to do your job. This is all you need to overcome the obstacles of teaching on-line for the first time and to provide learning support to learners.

  1. Create a tranquil working place

Ensure that all text books, resources and devices are on hand in your study/assigned working place immediately.

Declutter if necessary.

Put yourself — and your family/home members — in ‘distraction-free mode’.

  1. Establish a daily routine

Draw up a practical new routine or ‘timetable’ during lockdown in the place of your usual routine.

  1. Establish what is available in your subject on-line

During lockdown you have time on your hands to establish what is available for your subject on-line:

  • for on-line teaching and/or support whilst schools are closed
  • for use in your own classroom
  • for your learners to access from home that would make your subject more interesting and useful for them

Remember that digital versions of all Answer Series study guides are available as e-books to teachers at no cost.

  1. Create structure and a schedule for your learners

Either relay the study timetable (the work that learners have to cover day by day), that the school or your subject department have provided, to your learners or create your own. A regular study timetable will help your learners to focus and establish a learning routine. It will also serve as a mirror to normality.

  1. Set homework and monitor your learners

Set homework including some that can be done electronically. Once schools reopen it would be of benefit to learners to do electronic presentations of homework (assignments, tasks and essays) in class.

Monitor the work and progress of your learners. Daily feedback is recommended.

Set up pairs or groups of learners to monitor each other as well.

  1. Reach out to other educators and experts

Two — or more — heads are better than one.

Reach out to colleagues/fellow teachers and share lesson plans, resources and new ideas. Don’t neglect to motivate each other.

  1. Plan ahead

Now is the time to catch up with marking and to set tests and exam papers. Use it to your advantage.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Your learners will need you, more than ever before, when schools reopen and normality ensues.

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