10 Top Tips for Mzansi during Lockdown

04 April 2020

If you feel you have gathered sufficient clarity and inspiration on how to navigate your lockdown, please read no further. Go and enjoy yourself or your family or get some exercise or do something productive.


If you’re feeling the need for a little nudge, here are my top 10 tips for your consideration:


1. Panic doesn’t survive deep breaths

We all know that panicking is unhelpful. However, it may visit you. Luckily, as soon as you notice you’re panicking, it already loses some of its charge. Notice how breathing into your stomach helps it to ease.


2. Stay optimistic

Optimism is a specific thing. It’s neither ‘positive thinking’, nor is it naïve. Positive thinking can make us overlook reality. Reality right now, for many, is challenging. However, we will emerge on the other side, as with all challenges. Knowing this fact, in the core of your being, is to live with optimism.


3. Individual and collective responsibility

Our president and team have done a great job of making the guidelines for Lockdown clear. Executing this lockdown ‘right first time’ cannot happen without all of our cooperation. When in doubt, negotiate with yourself about how your responsible choices now will serve not just your personal freedom, but every person you’ve ever met and will meet and will never meet.


4. Be the person others turn to for strength

Fortunately, strength right now is not outward strength. It’s about your inner strength. Inner strength is your ability to hold your hand on your heart and to notice it is beating even while chaos may surround you.


5. Be in charge of Covid-19 in your home

You get to choose how much you let the thoughts of Covid-19 into your home. Fuelling the drama adds no value to you and those around you. Replace the radio and news with wholehearted things.


6. Emergency procedure:

Give some thought once and properly to how you will act in the case of an emergency. This will allow you to have anticipated the worst and massively improve your chances of responding helpfully should one occur.


For reference:

Access all COVID-19 facts via the South African governments WhatsApp Support line: 0600123456

The national institute for communicable diseases emergency number is 0800029999


7. Reach out

Find a way to stay connected with those that you love. For many you’ve been separated from your loved ones. Our social relationships are an enormous pillar of our happiness.


8. Virtual volunteering

You might be with surplus resources and looking for a way to support others. Remember the old secret that giving can feel as good, or better, for the giver than the receiver. Action beats the ‘sending of love’ at this time.


9. Let all of this happen for you, not to you.

You have every right to feel worried, anxious, angry or even overly sympathetic to others. You can choose to stay there, or you can choose to practice how you will turn this tragedy into a catalyst for your future. All of us can benefit from a reset in our lives. What will you re-start? What will be your new values? If you’re relying on all of this blowing over and things returning to normal, you may benefit from gently letting go of that hope as it’s likely withholding you from letting this time transform you.


10. It may go on longer than you’d hoped

If you’ve ever been totally exhausted while running up a hill and thought you saw the top, but then it turned out to be still many kilometres to go, you’ll know that over-investing in the belief that this will blow over soon is dangerous. Begin to set your orientation for the longer haul.


This process is changing us, I invite you to make sure it changes you and those around you for the better, no matter how hard it gets.




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